May 15, 2015 – Ground Turkey Lettuce Boats (with an Asian twist!)

These Ground Turkey Lettuce Boats are SUPER easy and SUPER delicious! Very filling and also refreshing! Great as an appetizer or even as an entree! I used this recipe from the Food Network as a reference, but I put my own spin on it!

Turkey Lettuce Wraps Recipe 

Cook the ground turkey in medium-high heat. I seasoned mine a bit with Kirkland’s “No-Salt Seasoning” and some pepper. Add in about 1/4 cup of red onions or shallots, doesn’t matter. Add in 1/4 cup of water chestnuts for the wonderful crunch. Then add in about a tablespoon of minced garlic. I didn’t have any mushrooms, but I can imagine how delicious that would be!

Once the turkey is cooked, add in all the good stuff you just cut up and let it cook. I also added in some green onions to give it a bit of color, as well as crushed red pepper flakes for a kick.

Put the soy sauce mixture from the recipe in the ground turkey and let it cook. I added some Sriracha sauce for more spice, which is where the Asian twist comes from!

I only had shredded carrots to garnish, which worked out really well. Gives it a really good crunch!

Here’s the final product:

The dipping sauce is perfect, adds acidity and sweetness to the entire thing!

I highly recommend this recipe. Put your own twists on things depending on whatever you like. It’s SO good!

Happy eating! And go Warriors!



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