May 12, 2015 – The “It Tastes Better Than It Looks” Dinner

I started munching on Luke’s Organic Cheddar Clouds while waiting for my water for the broccoli to boil. These are delicious! Exactly like Pirate’s Booty, but crunchier and tastier. My brother got lucky and got two bags for free from the company (long story short: he found an unwanted thing in the bag he bought from Costco and they sent him 2 free bags to apologize). I’m trying not to munch on these too much because if left alone with these, I could definitely empty out the bag into my mouth, so I am eating in moderation when it comes to these tasty snacks!

Anyways, as for my featured dish for this evening, we had leftover BBQ chicken from our Mother’s Day party. This is Kinder’s BBQ Chicken from Costco. The marinade is delicious! But obviously, it isn’t the prettiest thing to look at on the plate.

Today’s dinner:

  • Kinder’s BBQ Boneless Chicken Thigh, 4 oz – 150 cal
  • Broccoli, about 1 cup, fresh and blanched, with some salt and pepper – 55 cal
  • Pre-dinner snack, Luke’s Organic Cheddar Clouds, 1 serving – 138 cal

No rice. I’m definitely trying to cut back on my rice intake.

Total calories for dinner: 343 cal. Not bad, right?! I was tempted to much on tortilla chips, but I resisted the urge. Now, I have half a chocolate bar calling my name on the counter-top, but I am trying oh-so-hard to resist by distracting myself with Buzzfeed articles.

Happy eating!



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